About us

We're a Japanese-inspired, creative comms agency undergoing our work out of sheer love & passion.

Since our inception in 2017, we set out to bridge the gap between truly purpose-driven creative work and an unparalleled client experience. Born out of frustration for a ‘this will do’ mindset and a ‘this can’t be done’ attitude, ideas here have no limits and we’re fond of rocking the boat.

Our integrated approach ensures the heart and soul of the brands we represent resonate with audiences, and valuable relationships are built. Everything we do is done with love and care, keeping one eye on the creative and one eye on the ROI.

The Japanese Connection

The Japanese Connection is our ode to the philosophies and teachings that run in the core of everything we do.

Kaizen (改善)

A belief in continual, incremental improvement.

Kodawari (拘り)

The refusal to ever compromise on quality.

Intoku (陰徳)

A belief in doing good, with no expectation in return.



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From household names to disruptive start-ups, we help reinvigorate our brand partners from the ground up and turn them into something spectacular.

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